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Mentasm Networking Systems offers a broad range of services to meet your every need. Our Web Hosting Services are second to none. We provide personal, hands on support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure your web site is ALWAYS available. We have professional web developers and graphics artists on staff capable of turning any internet dream into reality. And we have trained and certified Novell/NT/UNIX engineers standing by in case you need some technical assistance.

Also Available! Our systems administrators are available for on-site service. Having a network problem? Need some computers fixed? Want someone to administer and maintain your server base? CALL MENTASM!

Following is a break down of a select cross section of services we offer. If you don't find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will be more then happy to assist you!! Please note that all web hosting accounts come standard with all of our shell account offerings.

Custom Web Site Design and/or Maintenance

Custom E-Commerce Enabled Web Site Design and Maintenance by CartLogic...... Contact Us

Mentasm Web Hosting Services Basic Price Charts
SPECIAL!! Sign up with Mentasm before 06/31/02 and receive your first month's hosting FREE!!

  • Web Hosting Pricing Chart
  • For e-commerce enabled sites; please contact us for a custom price quote.
  • Adult oriented material; please contact us for a custom price quote. Please note: Adult orientated sites are discretionary and fall under a different pricing scheme.

Mentasm Shell Accounts:

        Mentasm currently offers Shell Accounts to the public. Mentasm has just recently started charging its new users a basic rate of $3.00/month US in order to meet expenses. We are sorry, but due to increasing demand and incuring expenses, we no longer offer free shell accounts. If you are interested in a Mentasm shell account, please email us and we will reply within a week's time.

Mentasm supports the following facilities along with the standard Un*x services (telnet, rlogin, smtp, ftp etc):

  • TF (Tiny Fugue) - MUD Client
  • TT++ (TinTin++) - MUD Client
  • SSH (version 1) - Secure Shell
  • HTTPd (Apache) - WWW Server
  • MUD (Merc 2.2) - Multiuser D&D
  • POP3 Server - Mailbox POP
  • IRC Server

Along with the following utilities:

  • Midnight Commander - DOS Norton Commander Clone
  • Java Compiler (JDK)
  • C/C++ Debugger/Compiler
  • Perl (v5)
  • Python
  • sh, bash, csh, tcsh, tclsh, bash, and zsh shell interfaces
  • emacs
  • xemacs
  • Tcl/Tk 8.1a2
  • Many Other Misc Libs

And the Following Clients:

  • Lynx - Web Browser
  • Elm - Email Reader
  • Pine - Email Reader
  • Tin - News Reader
  • IRCII - Internet Relay Chat Client

Mentasm Web users also have the following facilities available:

Please see our Legal Disclaimer regarding legal use/liability of Mentasm's services.

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