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Maestro Client v0.8.36b
This package is designed to interface with Tivoli's Workload Scheduler (or what used to be Unison Maestro). It uses a perl program on the server side to interface between conman and the client. The client is written in KDE/QT C++ and was written on Linux.

Some of the things it supports:

  • Multiple Symphony files open at the same time
  • Server pushes changes to client automatically instead of client polling server
  • Job log quickly shows job activity - good for quickly locating abended jobs

License: GPL

Download: Latest Source

CJS Login

CJS Main View

CJS Alternate View


CJS Symphony Select

CJS Login Configuration

ITO Client v2.0
This package was originally designed to interface with Hewlet Packard's OpenView/ITO software. It consists of a server piece written in perl which interfaces with a SQL database (Oracle at the moment). The client is written in C++ using QT/KDE. I'm currently finishing up the client and porting the server to use MySQL so that this package may run independly of OpenView. I've also written a monitor which runs on remote systems checking resources and reports to OpenView via SNMP messages. As soon as I've gotten this package to stand on its own, I'll post it for download.

If you are interested in this project, please email me.

Screenshots: (These use the HP OpenView icons, which will have to be replaced before distribution)

ITO Active Message Browser

ITO Message Groups

ITO Node Groups

Message Group filtered Message Browser

Message Filter Dialog

Configuration Dialog

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