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Helping Businesses Grow

Make Your Business Stand Out From the Rest!

Imagine a resource that would assist potential customers and provide access to your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from anywhere in the world! Imagine a store front that never closes, where anyone in the world can purchase your product anytime. This is what the internet can do for you. And Mentasm can get you there NOW!

Our company was created to help provide businesses like yours with marketing solutions using today's technologies and managed e-commerce solutions.

About Us

Mentasm has it's roots in co-creating and maintaining Web sites for companies like Time Warner, Corning Incorporated, Wilhelm Bauer GmbH, US Figure Skating and Honda, to name a few. It is our goal to provide the same World-Class Quality for your business. We are striving to be the best Internet Services Provider out there. To do this, we are going to have to work harder then the other guys. And we WILL work harder, for you! We want your business. If you succeed, so do we.

How Your Business Benefits

We know it's all been said before, drilled into you too many times by too many companies. But you know, as well as we do, that the internet is NOT dead. Not by a long shot. Your company needs a presence on the web. It's not just a "nice thing to have" anymore. Millions of potential customers are looking for YOU on the World Wide Web, ready to buy. Are you there?

"You be the judge"

For more information, call us at 1-716-381-7611.

121 Tobey Road
Pittsford, NY 14534
Tel(716) 381-7611

How Your Customers Benefit

Your customer is the most important person in the world to you. They keep you in business. Attached to the internet are millions of potential customers, buying from companies all over the world everyday! By placing your company on the internet, the customer benefits from ease of access to your products and services. Ordering on-line is quick and easy.

And of course, there is customer service. Remember the days when you had to be clairvoyant to contact a company about any problem, or to simply answer a question? Now, you simply go to the corporate web site, and you instantly have access to all of the information you need. Don't you want to provide this to your customers? Your competition does.

Accept No Less!

Mentasm has several web design and hosting packages available. Our standard packages can be seen here, and include custom logo and graphics design, all designed around what you want! Put your business on the internet today and open yourself up to a whole new world of opportunity!

We are sure that once you have experienced the "Mentasm Difference" you will understand why so many local businesses have decided to jump on board with us. Our service and commitment to you is second to none.

Once we get your site up and going, we do not stop there. Your site must be constantly analyzed to determine who is hitting it, and when. Search engines must be constantly updated. We excel at customer service, you deserve the best. Accept No Less!!

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