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It was the summer of 1995 when two brothers, Frank and Mark Buechler, put the first Mentasm system on-line. Their goal: to provide a free means by which the local college students could connect and utilize certain utilities and storage. In 1996 Frank and Mark made the decision to take the business a step further and start providing internet and web services for anyone, as inexpensively as possible.

Here in the new century, the same philosophy that propelled the company through the 90's is still our only philosophy; Provide the BEST SERVICE at the LOWEST COST POSSIBLE. Mentasm has spread it's wings since it's early days. Along with standard internet and web services, Mentasm now provides a unique take on web production with our MENTASM WEB WORKS. All Mentasm Productions will be what we like to call "Mentasm Different". We hate a boring internet!

Also new to Mentasm is CartLogic.com. We have developed our own e-commerce shopping cart, and have tested it over several years in real time on a very heavily used website. (Unfortunately, we cannot give the name of the site..) The cart worked so perfectly that we decided to form an entire branch of the company around it. CartLogic will provide a inexpensive, fully customizable e-commerce solution for small to mid-range companies with a desire to make money.

Mentasm also provides on-site computer repairs, installations, LAN/MAN/WAN design and maintenance, UNIX/Linux/NT/Novell server administration, and desktop support. Yes, we are "Jacks of All Trades"!

To sum it up, our mission here at Mentasm is to give you the best experience for your money, no matter what your computing or internet needs may be. We pride ourselves on being the best, and we are always looking ahead, staying on the "leading edge" of all new technologies. We want your business, because we know that once you have experienced the "Mentasm Difference", you will never contemplate doing business elsewhere again!!

Please see our Legal Disclaimer regarding legal use/liability of Mentasm's services.

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