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Welcome to Mentasm's "At Ease" page! The idea behind this particular page is to provide some "Rochestercentric" information on fun things to do, watch, and listen to. As we will be updating this page quite frequently, please stop back often. You will not find run-of-the-mill stuff here, we'll try to get you out of the norm and into the fringes. If there is an event you would like to see listed here, a local band that wants a page, or anything like that, contact me and I'll be more then happy to put it up here!!

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Some neat Rochester stuff:
Digitalster.com for a live webcam view of "The Ave.", Monroe Avenue.
Rochester Ghost Hunters We ain't afraid of no ghost!!
Web Images of Rochester Some great shots of our fair city, plus a few webcams!
Visit Rochester A great site if you are thinking about visiting Rochester
Rochester Sports The Amerks, the Red Wings, the Brigade, the Rattlers, the Rhinos and the Knighthawks, all here!!

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