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        Welcome to Mentasm easy Counter Creation Tool! Simply fill out the form and click the View Web Counter button at the bottom and enjoy!

Frame Thickness : You can wrap the counter in an ornamental frame of any pixels thick. Use 0 for no frame. Values over 5 make a nice 3-D effect.
Default frame thickness is 6, [ft=6]
Maximum Digit:

[5]	[6]	[7]

[8]	[9]	[10]	

Defines maximum number of digits to display. Any value between 5 and 10 inclusive are permitted. Padding with leading zeros is automatcially done for you; longer counts are truncated to the given value.
Default value is 6, [md=6]
Transparency ON/OFF :


You can specify if your counter image will have a transparent color. If you select ON, there will be a transparent color; and if you select OFF, there will not. It does not matter if the GIF files used for the digits are "transparent"; you must specify explicitly which color to make transparent. If you specify a trgb=, then you do not need to specify tr=Y.
Default value is OFF [tr=N]
Padding ON/OFF :


Turn padding ON/OFF in Conjuction with md=setting. Valid values for the Boolean parameter B are Y, N, T, F, 1 or 0.
Default value is ON, [pad=Y]
Digit Directory : Denotes directory of a specific styles of digits. Just pick one from the left. If you have a graphics collection that want us to include here; let us know!
Default value is D, [dd=D]
Start Count : 1 Specifies the start count of the data file, by default, it is 1
Show Digits YES/NO :


Used to turn display of digits on or off according to the Boolean B. When sh=Y, counter will be displayed and incremented. If sh=N, no counter will be displayed, but the counter will still increment.
Default value is Yes, [sh=Y]
Name of Data File :

demo1.dat	demo2.dat


Data file to store count. Specifies the name of the file for storing the count in. Up to the present, we create three data file for demonstration purpose. They are demo1.dat, demo2.dat and demo3.dat.
[You should apply one data file for your web pages. demo*.dat is used for demonstration only.]
Increment YES/NO :


This parameter makes it possible to increment the counter on each invocation.
Default value is yes, [incr=Y]
Negate the Color YES/NO :


Makes it possible to negate the color of the counter digits.
Default value is No, [negate=N]
Rotate with degree :

0 degree	90 degree

180 degree	270 degree

Specifies the rotating angle of the counter, provided Rotate is ON, rotate=Y.
Default value is 0, [degrees=0]
Rotate ON/OFF :


Turns ON/OFF the rotating. If you use degrees=setting, rotate is not needed.
Default value is OFF, [rotate=F]
Plesae enter the color index:
Specify the frame color of your webcounter,
Range from 0 - 255 for each color component. The greater the index value, the more intense the color it will be.
If you don't enter anything, default value will be used.
    255 255 0 Yellow
    255 255 255 White
    255 0 255 Purple

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